About Us

  • Polymer Technologies USA, INC is the only company worldwide to successfully address the unstable, sub soil conditions, using Polymer Technology in excess of 20 feet of depth. Not only for repairs in wet or dry conditions but also for Environmental Containment purposes.
  • Inventor of proprietary intellectual property US patent #9,790,655 and #US 10,538,894 for system & delivery method of soil stabilization using polymer and tested at depths in excess of 100′ .
  • Florida Certified General Contractors with over 15 years of experience in polymer material repairs.
  • Our team has successfully completed over 700 remediations in residential, commercial & industrial settings.
  • Experienced in completing over $2M in projects with DOT. Maintained an A rating and awarded an emergency maintenance contract.
  • We currently cover the entire US.
  • Experienced technical staff with over 40 years of federal contracting experience.

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