Polymer Technologies USA,

I am pleased to provide a lefter of support for your research on the advancements in the combinafion of structural hydrophobic expansive polyurethane and hydrophilic polyurethane polymer grout. It is with great confirmafion that as a representafive of Danis Builders, the technology supporfing Deep Horizons Injecfion Groufing has been used to successfully waterproof the basement foundafion mat slab and walls at UF Health Jacksonville Downtown Campus, located at 655 West 8th Street.

Before DHIG was ufilized at UF Health, the basement space in the hospital was unusable. The water intrusion not only made for unsanitary hospital condifions, but damaged equipment, property, and exacerbated erosion effects on the foundafion. As soon as the possibility of repair by poly injecfion was presented by Foundafion Professionals of Florida, Inc.- we were instantly intrigued by the possibilifies.

An impressive factor this research has showcased is the ability to undertake projects in a commercial atmosphere without interrupfing business as usual. Although the condifion of the basement was prevenfing ufilizafion, it was important to UF Health that these waterproofing repairs could be made without intense, drawn-out construcfion that could cause interrupfion or limitafions to the areas of the hospital sfill in full operafion. However, the refined technology caused no disturbances. The patrons, pafients, or staff were unaware that full waterproofing was being performed with minimal equipment being used on campus.

Your experfise and dedicafion as the lead on this project is commendable, and I have full confidence in your ability to confinue bringing about significant advancements in this area. The potenfial impact of your research on improving the efficiency and effecfiveness of polyurethane injecfion groufing is truly remarkable and we are excited to see transformafive breakthroughs in the field.

Wishing you confinued success in your pursuit of excellence, and the deserved award of your grant applicafion.

Respecffully, Kyle Harvey

Senior Project Manager