Patented technology (unique in the world) to inject polyurethane into the soil at +100′ of depth.

Sinkhole Repair

Injecting polyurethane resins into lose soils, voids, pores and fissures will strengthen the earth substrate and provide watertight encapsulation.

Soil Stabilization

When sinkholes or soft soils are close to the surface and compaction grouting is not an option. Our solution densifies loose soils that exist within 15 feet of the surface.

Seawall Repair

Cracks or failing joints in a seawall can cause erosion behind the wall. Typically, caused by leaks, improper drainage or ground not compacted during construction.

Railway Stabilization

Our technology replaces the current unreliable and anti-friendly remediation of cement grout at any depth. Providing a economical longer lasting & environmentally friendly solution at 1/3 of the time.

Foundation Stabilization

Injecting polyurethane into lose soil, voids and organic soil to strengthen the earth underneath of the foundation.

Dam & Levees Repairs

Currently the options available for dam and levees repairs are grouting & deep trenching. Our technology provides an economical longer lasting & environmentally friendly solution.


Thanks to our technology, we have the capability to seal any pipes leaking at any depth, it could be water, oil, or gas pipes under the ground or under the sea.

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