We are the only company in the world to successfully address the unstable, sub soil conditions, using chemical grouting at depths in excess of 10 feet below grade level. This proven delivery method of soil stabilization has been tested and verified at depths in excess of 100′.

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New Patented System

Lift Station 87, located at 1900 Mound St., Sarasota, handles one-third of the city’s wastewater, including sewage from Sarasota Memorial Hospital. The Lift Station is capable of handling 9.5 million gallons of wastewater per day.
Polymer Technologies USA was brought in to utilize our patented Deep Horizons Injection Grout (DHIG) method as a last resort prior to excavating the entire 75-foot span of pipe 36 feet below grade, two hotline pumps and junction boxes, and quite possibly the entire structure on one of the busiest intersections near downtown Sarasota.
The inflow and infiltration of additional contaminated water/soil ratio averaged nearly 20%. We completely sealed the pipeline using two-component, fast reaction, NCFI polyurethane within four (4) days and below $200,000. Therefore, saving the City well over $2.5 million in additional construction costs, Twelve (12) months in construction delays, and at minimum $121,000 per day for additional chemical treatment. This does not take into consideration the unimaginable traffic delays.
Sinkhole Repair and Soil Stabilization

Deep Injection 35′ Deep

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Roads Repair

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What are sinkholes?

Sinkholes are holes in Earth’s surface caused by natural karst processes. Karst processes occur when water and chemicals dissolve carbonate rocks, such as limestone, to form sinkholes and caves. Sinkholes can also be caused by human factors. Water and sewer pipes that break may lead to the formation of sinkholes if they create underground flows that speed the process of erosion and the exploitation of the underground water for crops.

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