What makes this so different from other current delivery or application methods?2022-12-27T12:28:30-05:00

Cementous grout can only be delivered at depths below 20′ and polyurethane (foam) can only be delivered up to 7-20′. Our delivery method ensures that we reach the desired depth and does not allow the material to harden before we reach the affected area. This technology can be used not only to fix sinkholes but also fix dams, levees, canals, embankments, landslides, and tunnels with fast-action polyurethanes.

How long does the process take?2022-12-27T12:29:00-05:00

Every project is different and depends on the soil condition. However, due to the fact that there is no demolition required, this method can be delivered very quickly. Also, because our product reacts (hardens) within seconds (even in the presence of water and other solutions) the area is ready for traffic by the time we leave the premises.

Is there a specific material needed to be injected?2022-12-27T12:29:37-05:00

Absolutely not. In fact with polyurethane injection delivery, the engineers have the freedom to select the product or combination desired, depending on the soil condition and properties of the material required.

Is this process environmentally friendly and safe?2022-12-27T12:30:13-05:00

Yes indeed! This system is less destructive and more environmentally friendly than any current method.

1. Current (fast reaction injection delivery used for less than 10′ deep) uses tubes that cannot be recovered and must be cut at the surface and left buried. With our delivery method, the tubes used for injection are recovered.

2. The use of mortars and grouting suspensions are dangerous to the environment because the toxic components can pollute the karst aquifer and cause long-lasting hazardous impacts on underground species.

What is the advantage of Using Deep Horizons Injection Grouting Technology?2023-06-16T00:01:12-04:00

DHIG utilizes a specialized grout material that can penetrate deep into the soil, sealing leaks and improving soil conditions with precision and efficiency.

Sealing Leaks with Precision and Efficiency:
One of the key advantages of DHIG technology is its ability to seal leaks at considerable depths without the need for extensive excavation. By injecting fast reaction polyurethane material into the affected areas, DHIG forms a durable and impermeable barrier, effectively sealing any leaks and preventing further water intrusion. This process eliminates the costly and time-consuming task of traditional excavation and repair, making DHIG a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for addressing underground water issues.

Improved Soil Conditions and Remediation Efforts:
DHIG goes beyond leak sealing and offers significant benefits for improving soil conditions. The grout material used in DHIG is designed to enhance soil stability, strength, and compaction. By injecting the grout into weak or loose soil, DHIG improves its load-bearing capacity, making it ideal for a wide range of applications such as foundation stabilization, tunneling, and soil remediation. This innovative technology provides a sustainable and long-lasting solution, ensuring the structural integrity of the affected areas.

Sealing Levees and Dams:
The potential applications of DHIG extend beyond building foundations and basements. With its ability to penetrate deep into the ground and create a strong barrier, DHIG shows promise in sealing leaks and strengthening levees and dams. The traditional methods of repairing or reinforcing these critical structures often involve costly and disruptive construction processes. DHIG offers a trenchless alternative that minimizes disruption to the surrounding environment while providing effective leak sealing and soil stabilization.

Deep Horizons Injection Grouting (DHIG) has emerged as a game-changer in trenchless technology, revolutionizing the way leaks are sealed and soil conditions are improved. With its ability to reach greater depths and provide precise injections, DHIG offers a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient solution for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s sealing leaks in hospital basements, stabilizing weak soil, or reinforcing critical infrastructure such as levees and dams, including but not limited sealing inflow underground water in sewer lines and manholes at greater depths, DHIG proves to be a reliable and innovative approach. As technology continues to advance, DHIG holds the promise of reshaping the landscape of underground repairs and remediation efforts, providing a more sustainable and resilient future for our built environment.

For more information on Deep Horizons Injection Grouting (DHIG), visit www.polymertechnologiesus.com.

Is this system more cost effective?2022-12-27T12:26:31-05:00

It certainly is because it does not require demolition and is significantly less labor intense. A simple 3″ diameter drill can cover an area up to 30 feet in diameter.

What is the delivery or application method?2022-12-27T12:27:24-05:00

NSF Approved two-part polyurethane material is delivered via a small 3-inch diameter drill made to reach the desired depth and mixes at the tip. The material hardens within seconds and fills the void. A single perforation can apply material to an area of 10′ to 30′ in diameter.

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